Assalamu Alaikum

Dear Community Member

The Board of Masjid-Us-Salaam has come to a decision to open the Masjid for the five daily Waqts. Strict Covid-19 protocols have been put in place.

  • A maximum of 250 people will be accommodated for each Waqt
  • All Musallees are to wear a mask, bring their own Musallah and bring their own shoe bag
  • Wudu to be taken at home
  • Sanitizing of hands and a temperature check will be taken before entering the masjid.

All Musallees wanting to attend Jumuah will have to register online.


Please take note of the following procedures for Jumuah:

  • Those wishing to attend the Jumuah will have to register online
  • Those who have registered for a previous Jumuah will have to register again
  • Please do not register more than once per Friday Jumuah.
  • Registrations will close every Thursday 9pm.
  • After registering online, those attending the Jumuah will have to take a temperature check upon entry into the masjid.

Further clarification as to the protocols and procedures will be provided on the online registration form.

Shukran for your understanding.

Masjid-us-Salaam Administration

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